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The fastest contract drafting experience ever made

Boost your legal team’s contract drafting and negotiating workflow
with instant access to your entire knowledge base.

Plug, play, and draft away

No manual set up, no maintenance.
Get started from day one.

Find the needle in your contract-ridden haystack

Surface the right precedents in Word or Outlook, and let AI enrich them.

Increase consistency and efficiency

Take the guesswork out of your drafting cycle.

Henchman automatically centralizes previously written clauses and definitions into a dynamic knowledge base, streamlining contract drafting and negotiation for legal professionals.

Discover Henchman with a twist Discover Henchman

How does it work?

1. Connect your document database

Our out-of-the-box integrations create an intelligent layer on top of your DMS, which you can access in Microsoft Word or Outlook.

2. Experience Henchman’s secret sauce

We effortlessly extract and categorize important information, so you don’t have to. Instantly get your clauses and definitions grouped, ranked, and enriched with additional data for future reference.

3. Unlock your ultimate drafting workflow

Whether you’re just browsing through precedents or reviewing a contract – we got your back. On top of that, Henchman helps you generate, translate, or update clauses using AI and GPT-3.

Award winning software

With great responsibility comes great software

Take it from the pros

Trusted by legal teams in over 15 different countries

Henchman facilitates BG2V on a daily basis to tackle all clients' requests in a very short frame of time.
Woody Guirand
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Avery Law turned its existing database into a living knowledge management system
David Turney
Avery Law
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The 2023 Legal Tech Trends

In this report, 8 international legal experts give their opinions on the legal technology trends in 2023.

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