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The fastest contract drafting experience ever made

Henchman suggests clauses within Microsoft Word, fetched from your database.

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Draft faster

Draft one hour faster
than lawyers who don't use Henchman.

Better contracts

Achieve greater consistency in the overall quality of your contracts.

Collective memory

Don’t just rely on your own recollection. Utilise the collective memory.

Redefining the drafting experience

Without henchman

  • Scattered knowledge.
  • Time wasted on browsing folders and contracts for precedents.
  • Colleague: “Have you done something like this?”.
  • A ridiculous number of open windows.

... Sounds familiar?

With Henchman

  • AI-powered clause analysis.
  • No setup. no maintenance.
  • Fetch clauses in seconds.
  • Find & use colleagues’ precedents.
  • Only one open window - Microsoft Word.

... Sounds better?

Henchman for Law Firms & Legal Departments

Microsoft Word Add-in

Fetch, compare and replace clauses without leaving Microsoft Word.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect your current contract database. Henchman takes it from there.

No setup, no maintenance

Zero preparation is required from your end. Updates happen automatically.

Henchman integrates seamlessly into your contract storage space

Discover our technology
Henchman, for me, is a tool that really helps me with my drafting and reviewing. It’s like having another colleague that helps me with that whole process.
Jessica Coventry
Avery Law


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