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  • Siska AI blog

    How to successfully implement AI within law firms

    The legal industry is redefining itself under a flood of AI applications that emerge at a staggering speed. This blog post summarizes Siska’s personal takeaways on how to successfully implement AI within law teams globally.
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  • With vs Without

    Drafting contracts with vs. without Henchman

    Looking everywhere for that one clause you know you’ve written before. Contracts buried in folders, emails, or colleagues’ hard drives? Not finding precedents because you can’t remember which client had a similar case? Do you recognize this?
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  • Morae Henchman Press Image

    Morae and Henchman Enter Partnership for AI-Powered Contract Drafting and Review

    With our cutting-edge technology and Morae’s industry-leading expertise, legal professionals can harness collective knowledge for lightning-fast contract processes with ease.
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  • Hanna Canning

    The Future of Knowledge Management in the Legal Industry

    A conversation with Hanna Canning, Head of Legal Tech & Knowledge Management at DLA Piper Sweden.
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  • Jorn blog post

    RIP Templates. Meet the data-driven contract drafting experience

    They say data is gold. And they aren’t wrong. But we would like to add something to the saying though. Data is gold, and templates are old.
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  • Hariolf

    How to position your firm in today’s quest for young lawyers

    How to position your firm in today’s quest for young lawyers?
    Talent + Team + Technology
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