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  • AI Panel recording ad2 2

    Implementing AI within law firms: Insights from International Experts

    How to successfully implement AI within law firms? A question that concerns many of us. That is why we gathered the cream of the crop of the international law scene to discuss the rapid evolution of AI within law firms.
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  • Matrix dark

    Legal AI Illuminated: 8 Use Cases in a 9‑Grid Perspective

    In this blog, we review 8 different use cases and share their typical impact on adding value to clients, what efficiency gains your team can achieve by leveraging AI in this particular use case, and the time-to-value that a Legal Tech solution can provide to push each use case to new heights. As icing on the cake, we put our findings into a handy matrix.
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  • Francesc munoz cuatrecasas

    Tech hypes unraveled: Parallels between the rise of the internet and generative AI

    A conversation with Francesc Muñoz, CIO at global law firm Cuatrecasas.
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  • NEW UI

    Harder, better, faster, stronger: introducing Henchman’s redesigned user interface

    We’ve put our users at the center of our design process to ensure that every improvement we’ve made will enhance your drafting experience and maximize adoption.
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  • Deloitte x Henchman

    Henchman welcomes Deloitte, elevating its legal services with AI-powered contract drafting and negotiation

    By leveraging Henchman’s advanced technology, Deloitte aims to scale its legal excellence and to deepen client relationships by providing clients with unparalleled consistency, quality, and efficiency in contract drafting and negotiations.
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  • Legal Tech awards

    Henchman is Legal AI Supplier of the Year & welcomes Deloitte in the same month.

    Both announcements are additional ripples in the continued wave of momentum the company has generated these past months, from achieving 1300% growth to partnering with Morae Global Corporation.
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