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Great lawyer, better actor

The adventures of Steve Lit

Steve Lit might be a lawyer. He might also be a fictional character created by our marketing team, but like Santa, it’s more fun if you play along.

Header Steve Lit
  1. The Henchman Tagline

    Can you quickly say the tagline, Mr. Lit?” A simple briefing, or so we thought. We get where Steve is coming from, but reading the room isn’t one of his strong points. We got there eventually…kind of.
  2. For the Drafters

    Right after this monologue, Steve got so fired up that he continued to work for 34 hours straight, came home, and ran a marathon. So be careful!
  3. The Draftlympics

    Mister Lit is a winner at heart and sometimes crosses a line that he shouldn’t have.Although it takes great courage to confess in front of a camera, we do not support using Henchman in official drafting competitions.
  4. Coffee and Legal Tech

    Parallels between coffee making and legal tech are hard to find, but not impossible!”, Steve pitched.
  5. $7M funding announcement

    Despite his shortcomings, we asked Steve to communicate some exciting news to the world: our $7 million funding round. Money we’re using for expansion and innovation, not caviar bumps
  6. The Mentor

    Steve has made some questionable decisions in the past. Trying to resell Henchman is definitely one of them.
  7. Giving back time

    Giving back time isn’t one of Henchman features just yet. But a man can dream, right? 
  8. Humble beginnings

    Knowledgeable and senior lawyers at the office, such as Tom, get interrupted on an hourly basis with questions about precedent clauses or cases. In Tom’s case, colleagues felt the need to add small talk to the conversation…