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Legally Binding

Conversations with legal experts, representing some of the biggest firms in the world.
Legally Binding’, is a Henchman production that sounds like music to your ears.

Legaly binding Jerre

Legally Binding is not your average podcast. It is that one podcast you want to brush your teeth with every single day, that podcast you want to play when running the 5k you end up walking every time, the podcast you put out loud when walking to the coffee machine in the office.

Legally Binding is a podcast created by Henchman, the rising software that helps lawyers draft complex contracts, faster. The host is our very own Jeroen Thierens, Strategic Account Advisor who talks to AmLaw100 and Magic Circle firms every day.

Jeroen will guide you through enriching conversations with leading law-experts out of the field touching various legal tech-related topics. From legal AI strategies and innovations to knowledge management, you name it.

We’re sure it will sound like music to your ears. Enjoy.

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