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Learn how our users succeed with Henchman

Our clients aren’t movie stars (yet), but if they’d hand out Oscars for the best user story we expect some emails. Check out some of your peers that use Henchman on a daily basis.

Anette Hansen Arntzen De Besche
ADB Anette thumbnail

Arntzen De Besche reuses 80% of their time to focus on client needs

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Using Henchman feels like having an extra colleague that helps me with drafting and reviewing

Jessica Coventry

Lawyer at Avery Law

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Jessica Coventry avery law
Adam B. Kaufman Kaufman & Associates
Adam 0388 Edited

Use AI on your own contract data without compromising data security

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Nemanja Stepanović JPM
Bojana Javoric

JPM gets relevant clause suggestions in Serbian, German and English.

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Stephane Criel Monard Law
Monard Law

How investing in legal tech helps Monard Law to delight its customers

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