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INGEN HOUSZ uses Henchman to scale its practice.

This Amsterdam-based law firm specializes in advising startups, scaleups, and their investors on investment rounds, exits, and transformative transactions. Primarily active in Europe and the U.S.

With legal tech, Joep Wolfhagen, partner at Ingen Housz found a way to make the best use of the knowhow within the firm: With a limited number of people, we can provide the quality our clients expect, and that it is also competitive with the quality that international premier law firms are offering.”

They came across Henchman because they were looking for a more efficient way to keep their templates up to date. Loes Mensink, lawyer at Ingen Housz, explains: We were spending a lot of unbillable time on updating our templates. Now, we can simply mark the most recent or preferred clauses as template clauses in Henchman, and we don’t even need templates anymore.”

With a limited number of people, we can now provide service that is competitive with the quality that bigger firms are offering.”

Joep Wolfhagen
Partner at INGEN HOUSZ

Joep Wolfhagen quote
Free up time for what matters

The role of legal tech at Ingen Housz is twofold: Firstly, we use it to eliminate or to minimize any repetitive tasks or any mundane legal work where we cannot differentiate ourselves. And second, we use it to free up time to really strategize with clients.”

Maintain quality while growing

Henchman saves Mensink a lot of time without compromising on quality while onboarding other lawyers: We are currently growing quickly, so we have to get used to teaching other lawyers to work with our documents and to use our preferred clauses in order to maintain quality. We used to do this the old-fashioned way: providing someone with a precedent, asking them to make updates, and then correcting them. Henchman now allows us to have those lawyers look into the database and update the precedents based on other precedents. That’s a big difference, which helps us to maintain quality while the team is growing.”

Henchman helps us to maintain quality while the team is growing”

Loes Mensink

Loes Mensink quote
Overview and focus

Henchman has two main benefits according to Wolfhagen: Firstly, it really allows us to tap into the collective know-how of us as a firm. And for me personally, it means that I see more work from others because it is visible in the database. And secondly, when working on a document, Henchman allows us to remain within the same environment. So there’s no distraction. You can access everything in one go.”

We use legal tech to eliminate the work where we cannot differentiate ourselves.”

Joep Wolfhagen
Partner at INGEN HOUSZ

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