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Why Henchman?

Not only do we offer the fastest contract drafting and negotiating solution.
Our award-winning UI and frictionless implementation is built for scale, ensuring swift adoption among any team, in any region.

Why Henchman atf3

Because of our time to value

  1. We set you up in days, not months

    Forget about tedious, manual set up and maintenance. We can deliver dynamic knowledge management to your desk in just a few clicks. Plug, play, and draft away! 
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  2. An intelligent layer on top of your contract database

    Make your existing contract database more meaningful with insights you never knew existed. Being built for scale, Henchman lets you leverage your (millions of) contracts hassle-free.
  3. We’re there where you need us

    Draft and negotiate within your familiar products. From your DMS of choice to your trusted Microsoft Word or Outlook environment – browsing through precedents or looking for specific information has never been easier.
  4. Tailor and review contracts within seconds

    Save countless hours in understanding any contract’s terms and conditions, highlighting risks or relevant information, and reworking what’s necessary to ensure all parties are treated fairly – with or without AI.

Because of our technology

  1. System and language agnostic

    Leverage out-of-the-box integrations to create an intelligent layer on top of your DMS, usable within Microsoft Word or Outlook. As a language-agnostic solution, we recognize and process any language and are equally performant in all countries.
  2. Unique, award-winning technology

    Henchman’s state-of-the-art secret sauce’ revolutionizes contract analysis by effortlessly extracting and categorizing important information and surfacing it when you need it. Our journey so far has been rewarded by multiple awards: from best UI/UX to best Legal AI Supplier.
  3. Securely apply AI on your law firm’s own data

    Our multi-LLM approach lets you benefit from the most valuable technology to solve the specific problem you encounter. Everything remains hosted on our own servers to maintain data security and compliance for our clients.
  4. The most secure and user-friendly

    The award-winning interface isn’t the only thing that will make you never leave Henchman. Further investments in security (such as SOC 2, ISO 27001 certification, ethical hacking, and more) ensure your data remains confidential.

Because of our people

  1. The Dream Team

    Michael Jordan & Co. are not coming out of retirement soon, so we went ahead and borrowed the name. Our team consists of experienced SaaS professionals with a drive to create the best legal solution out there. We believe technology should work for the user, not the other way around.
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  2. Dedicated Customer Success

    We’re fiercely committed to your success, every step of the way. Enjoy proactive guidance from setup to adoption with a dedicated Customer Success Manager as your main point of contact. They’re the Bonnie to your Clyde or Robin to your Batman. 
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  3. Continuous feedback loop

    One of our company values is Be user-obsessed”. Through collaboration & co-creation in various formats, we figure out what’s best for you as a user and help create the best customer experience possible.
  4. Global DNA

    Henchman earned 200+ customers active in 30+ countries across 5 continents. We raised over 10 million USD from international, industry-agnostic VC funds to keep innovating and growing the product and team.

We use artificial intelligence as a smart layer on top of your own data

Henchman AI

Henchman is Legal AI Supplier of the Year

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