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Henchman AI

Securely apply AI to your law firm's own data

Say goodbye to tedious, line-by-line reviews, looking for precedents, and finding inspiration to rework what’s necessary to ensure all parties are treated fairly. Henchman’s multi-LLM approach empowers legal professionals to save countless hours in understanding any contract’s terms and conditions, highlighting risks or relevant information, and reworking what’s necessary to ensure all parties are treated fairly.

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  1. Enrich your contracts with AI-based recommendations

  2. Review and redline your contracts within minutes

  3. Communicate client advisory with ease

  4. Don’t lose sleep over data privacy

Similarity Search

Simply drag and drop clauses or definitions, and let us work our magic! Henchman instantly suggests relevant precedents from your database. Discover similar results or explore variations effortlessly with the help of semantic search (eg. for your Failure clause), or explore variations within the same theme (eg. for your Audit clause).

Interact with your contract

Henchman analyzes your entire contract, making it fully searchable with the help of any prompt you can think of. Both summary and sources are included when surfacing answers. For example, simply ask what happens in the event of a breach of the contract?’ and see the answer unfold in front of you.

Henchman explained in 2 minutes

Intelligent actions

Get ready for prompt-tastic moments with Henchman! Proactive prompts like convert into cause and effect table” and summarize this clause” help you to swiftly review and evaluate contracts – and to effortlessly convey the content of complex clauses to your clients.

Enriched clause metadata

Label clauses in bulk via intelligent or rule-based labeling. Henchman recognizes contract type, governing law, and signed contracts – whether PDF or Word – allowing you to quickly surface the precedent you need.

Don’t lose sleep over data privacy

Our multi-LLM approach lets you benefit from the most valuable technology at any step of your drafting journey. For different functionalities, Henchman runs different technologies in the background – ensuring the highest quality output and references for you. Everything remains hosted on our servers, and we don’t allow any AI technologies associated with our add-on (eg. Azure OpenAI Service) to store nor use any (customer) data for training purposes.

Op top of this, Henchman employs top-notch procedures and practices to ensure that your data remains private, secure, and compliant. The platform is SOC 2 compliant, ISO 27001 certified and designed with GDPR in mind. 

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