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Show, don't tell

Welcome to our Henchman video zone.
A collection of very serious and a whole lot less serious videos, all equally entertaining.

Henchman in action

Grab a coffee and take some time to watch Henchman in action.
Julien, our Chief Product Officer, shows specific use cases where Henchman helps you work efficiently and frictionless.

  1. Review contracts instantly

    Save countless hours navigating complex contracts, making reviewing a breeze
  2. Advanced filtering through your database

    Use multiple filters to find exactly what you’re looking for or browse for inspiration.
  3. Henchman within Outlook

    Insert clauses or definitions instantly in your email to clients or counterparties.
  4. Enrich or adapt clauses in seconds with AI

    Make clauses more buyer-friendly with the use of AI.

The impact of Ai on legal

Maarten Mortier, Head of AI and innovation at Henchman expands on his vision on AI for legal.

Local hero, Steve Lit

Grab another coffee and lose yourself in The World of Steve Lit.
Honestly only a few steps away from becoming a reality series.

  1. The Henchman Tagline

    A simple briefing, or so we thought!
    We got there eventually… kind of.
  2. The Draftlympics

    Henchman is impossible not to use,
    even when you’re not allowed to.