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Henchman for Intellectual Property Law Firms

Protect your clients' IP portfolio with access to your legal knowledge


In the dynamic world of real estate, drafting contracts is an art form that can make or break deals. By giving you access to the right clauses and definitions, we make sure you can protect the interests of all parties involved and provide a clear roadmap towards a signed Purchase Agreement, Lease Agreement, or Development Agreement. 

  1. Get access to your team’s collective knowledge

  2. Search within your existing clauses and definitions

  3. Compare clauses across agreements or over time

  4. Review and redline your contracts within minutes

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How can your Real Estate attorneys benefit from contract drafting software?

In a typical working environment, Real Estate practice groups handle complex contracts due to property-specific considerations, financing arrangements, and zoning regulations. Empower your real estate practice with the help of an intelligent contract drafting and negotiation solution. Whether you’re handling property sales, leases, or development agreements, Henchman provides the tools you need to streamline your transactions and mitigate risks effectively.

How it works

Henchman easily connects with the tools legal teams use daily to deliver an enhanced contract drafting and negotiation experience, making sure you can create high-value Real Estate legal services like never before.

  1. 01.

    Connect your document database

    Our out-of-the-box integrations create an intelligent layer on top of your DMS, accessible right in your team's trusted Microsoft environment.
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  2. 02.

    Experience Henchman’s secret sauce

    We automatically extract and categorize important information so you don’t have to. Instantly get your clauses and definitions grouped, ranked, and enriched with additional data for future reference.
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  3. 03.

    Unlock your ultimate drafting workflow

    Whether you're just browsing through precedents or reviewing a contract – we got their back. On top of that, Henchman helps to securely apply AI on top of your own legal team's data.

Simplify your property transactions

  1. An intelligent layer on top of your database

    Henchman lets you access your vast repository of real estate contracts, including sale/​purchase agreements, leases, easements, and more hassle-free. Get access to your clauses and definitions with insights you never knew existed.
  2. Property-specific insights within seconds

    Navigate property agreements with ease: from title defects to contingencies, indemnity or other clauses. Compare clauses across agreements or within zoning regulations (and edit them in a matter of seconds with or without AI) to mitigate disputes before or after the transaction is completed.
  3. Efficient due diligence

    Conduct thorough real estate due diligence and accelerate your document review process with our advanced search, analysis, and editing functionalities – helping you identify and address potential risks and opportunities swiftly.
  4. The most secure and user-friendly

    The award-winning interface isn’t the only thing that will make you never leave Henchman. Further investments in security (such as SOC 2, ISO 27001 certification, ethical hacking, and more) ensure your data remains confidential.

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