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Transform your legal workflow

Unlocking Powerful Legal AI Synergies with Harvey & Henchman

Harvey x Henchman

In the fast-paced world of legal, efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration are paramount. That’s where Harvey and Henchman come in – two pioneering LegalTech solutions reshaping the landscape of legal operations. Both AI-driven products offer distinct yet complementary functionalities, providing indispensable support to legal teams in their day-to-day activities.

Why combine Harvey & Henchman?

At our law firm, we use Henchman and Harvey because they complement each other so well. With Henchman, I look for the clauses, I just type in the name of the clause and all our precedents appear, and sometimes I go to Harvey and ask for a specific detail or to clarify something.”

Anonymized quote from a joint customer at a leading international law firm

  1. Domain-agnostic Legal Research

  2. Legal Workflow Automation

  3. AI-powered Document Analysis

  1. Get access to your team’s collective knowledge

  2. Search within your existing clauses and definitions

  3. Enrich your contracts with AI-based recommendations

I use Harvey a lot when I have to start from scratch by asking the tool for some basic ideas. When I know what kind of clause I want, I ask Henchman to search precedents or similar clauses, which might have been drafted in the past by me or other lawyers from the firm, and then I adapt it to our current situation.” 

Anonymized quote from a joint customer at a leading international law firm

The synergy between Henchman and Harvey AI offers law firms a comprehensive and integrated approach to legal operations. By combining Henchman’s robust repository and drafting assistance with Harvey’s AI-driven research and automation capabilities, firms can optimize their drafting processes, enhance productivity, and deliver superior legal services to their clients.

Creating synergies for your legal team

  1. Enhanced Document Review

    Use Harvey’s analysis tools to pre-process contracts for Henchman’s drafting.
  2. Seamless Contract Management

    Manage contracts with Harvey, and further draft, negotiate, and optimize them with Henchman.
  3. Efficient Legal Research and Drafting

    Leverage Henchman to incorporate Harvey’s research findings when working on contracts.
  4. Integrated Compliance and Risk Management

    Ensure all contracts comply with regulations using both solutions.

One of many examples of how both solutions can help improve your workflow

Harvey Henchman timeline

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