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Unlock the full legal knowledge base of your firm

Get instant access to your legal team’s previously
written clauses and definitions,
right where you need them.

Henchman LP atf
  1. Get access to your team’s collective knowledge

  2. Search within your existing clauses and definitions

  3. Enrich your contracts with AI-based recommendations

  4. Review and redline your contracts within minutes

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Find the needle in your contract-ridden haystack

Whether you’re just browsing through historical precedents or looking for a specific piece of information – we got your back. Surface the precedent you need from your entire database at any given time, both in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

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  1. Advanced search

    Searching for clauses and definitions – in any language – becomes a breeze.
  2. Smart ranking

    We intelligently rank your results based on variables such as frequency, document type, and additional metadata.
  3. Insights from metadata

    Frame your decisions better with information such as author, applicable law, signed contract, and more.
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Enrich contracts with AI to achieve the ultimate drafting workflow

Use your own data more intelligently and go beyond just finding what you need. Our AI clause assistant uses a secure, multi-LLM approach to help you generate, translate, or update information at a moment’s notice.

Unlock Henchman

  1. Get AI-based recommendations

    Generate relevant additions or replace specific wording while we ensure your grammar stays consistent. Swiftly review contracts, and provide client advisory with ease.
  2. Translate with a single click

    Select the clause(s) you want to translate and the language you want to see it in. We automatically detect the original language and take care of the rest.
  3. Bookmark using labels and lists

    Mark relevant clauses as Company Verified’, Buyer Friendly’ or more. Share them with colleagues or keep them for personal use – just like your favorite Spotify playlists.
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Take the guesswork out of your drafting cycle

Save countless hours navigating complex contracts, making reviewing a breeze. We’re here to make your review cycle as smooth as Dwayne The Rock’ Johnson’s head.

Unlock Henchman

  1. Identify commonalities & compare clauses

    Understand how common clauses and definitions are across your entire database and spot outliers instantly.
  2. Similarity search

    Get relevant precedents suggested from your own database. Find similar results with the help of semantic search or get inspired by clause variations within the same theme.
  3. Intelligently interact with your contracts

    Use proactive suggestions to learn from, or draw your own conclusions with the help of any prompt imaginable. Get complex clauses explained in plain English, see a side-by-side of their causality, and more!

Henchman explained
in 2 minutes

We centralize all your previously written clauses and definitions, streamlining contract drafting and negotiation.

…but we’ll let our colleagues do the talking!

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“Knowledge is at the core of our profession, tools like Henchman help us unlock and use this in a much more efficient way."

Andrei Salajan - Schoenherr


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Trusted by legal teams worldwide