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How Microsoft Copilot, Henchman & iManage work together

Unlocking Copilot's
Legal Potential

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About this session

Join us for an illuminating session where three industry leaders, Microsoft, iManage, and Henchman come together to demystify the role of AI in the legal profession.

In this collaborative presentation, an impressive roster of speakers will delve into how the combination of AI technologies offered by Microsoft, iManage, and Henchman help create a sharing mindset, turning collective knowledge into a superpower

Through case studies, interactive demonstrations, and a sneak peek into our integrated product roadmaps, you'll gain insight into how these solutions can streamline complex processes, mitigate risks, and empower legal professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

Whether you're a seasoned legal professional or an AI enthusiast curious about its applications in the legal realm, this session promises to deepen your understanding of AI's transformative potential in the legal landscape.

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