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Henchman broadens focus to AI-driven contract negotiation

The next step in solidifying our position as the most secure and user-friendly contract drafting solution.

Turning lawyers’ tedious contract reviewing and negotiating process into a breeze.

No more skimming countless pages to review fine print – Henchman’s state-of-the-art technology enables lawyers to interact with their documents, find similar clauses in their database, get intelligent actions proactively delivered within seconds, and more.

Henchman, the fastest contract drafting experience ever made, today announced the launch of a set of capabilities specifically designed to help lawyers review and negotiate contracts effortlessly. This new offering allows legal professionals to save countless hours understanding any contract’s terms and conditions, highlighting risks or relevant information, and reworking what’s necessary to ensure all parties are treated fairly. As an icing on the cake, a refreshed user interface will make it even more convenient to tap into their team’s collective knowledge.

The launch of Henchman’s Review use cases propels Henchman’s growth beyond contract tailoring to reviewing and negotiating, expanding its reach within the contract lifecycle.


Interact with your contract

Henchman analyzes your entire contract, making it fully searchable with the help of any prompt you can think of. Both summary and sources are included when surfacing answers.


Similarity Search

Simply drag and drop clauses or definitions, and let us work our magic! Henchman instantly suggests relevant precedents from your database. Discover similar results or explore variations effortlessly with the help of semantic search (eg. for your Failure clause), or explore variations within the same theme (eg. for your Audit clause)


Document Outline

Henchman automatically converts contracts’ entire document styling to a fully interactive table of contents to help lawyers understand a contract better without scrolling endlessly through all pages.

It's great to see Henchman evolve from a legal search engine to a true personal assistant for contract drafting. Henchman's Review launch is a testament to this evolution, and I'm excited to be part of this journey.

Stanislas Richoillez

Partner at BG2V

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Stanislas BG2 V

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