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ODI Law meets and exceeds industry standards

ODI Law operates in the western Balkan region, including North-Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia. This Southeast European-based law firm provides a complete range of services to multinational companies, start-ups, and financial institutions in transactions involving M&A, private and public equity offerings, and venture capital.

Shared knowledge is power

Legal tech plays a paramount role at our firm,” says Gjorgji Georgievski, managing partner at ODI Law Macedonia. It allows them to provide services more efficiently, be more productive, and generally serve their clients much better as it enables them to be more proactive. He believes that knowledge is an important pillar of the firm. The know-how shared between colleagues in different offices, in other countries, allows ODI Law to meet and exceed industry standards because they are fully up-to-date and have easy access to legal precedents.

Legal tech has an impact on us being more proactive in addressing the needs of our clients.”

Gjorgji Georgievski
Partner at ODI Law

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Switching between documents, a thing of the past

Boban Velickovic, an associate at ODI Law, used to open 1 to as many as 6 Word documents at a time looking for similar clauses. With all that switching between documents, he frequently lost track of the document he was actually drafting in. Henchman came on board and analyzed ODI Law’s database and extracted all clauses and definitions to make them available through Word for all colleagues. Now, I use Henchman when working on a big contract. I just ask Henchman to tell me more about this clause or compare this clause to the one I’m working on. It shortens my drafting time and my job gets done easily and smoothly.”

I used to open multiple documents, losing overview and time, now everything happens in a single document”

Boban Velickovic
Associate at ODI Law

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