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Product Announcement

Harder, better, faster, stronger: introducing Henchman's redesigned user interface

A research-based, iterative design process

Since day one, we’ve been committed to providing the most advanced, user-friendly, and effortless contract drafting and negotiation solution on the market. Today, we’d like to share the recent launch of our redesigned user interface with the world, a transformative update that will redefine the way you can tap into your team’s collective knowledge to help with complex contract drafting. We’ve put our users at the center of our design process, ensuring that every improvement we’ve made will enhance your experience and maximize adoption.

A research-based, iterative design process

We believe that the key to success lies in a deep understanding of our users’ needs. Our redesign journey began with an extensive research phase where we engaged with our customers to understand the challenges they face in their contract drafting and negotiation processes. Through surveys, interviews, workshops, and feedback sessions, we uncovered valuable insights that informed our redesign decisions.

Our iterative design process involved multiple rounds of testing and refinement, ensuring that every change we made was based on real user feedback. This approach allowed us to fine-tune the user interface, making it intuitive and efficient for both seasoned contract professionals and those new to the world of contract drafting. Picture this: a user interface that’s as intuitive as it is beautiful.

Notable changes that deliver a streamlined experience

Here are some of the standout features that you can look forward to in our redesigned interface:

  1. An enhanced drafting experience with improved navigation and search capabilities: Navigating and searching for specific clauses and terms in your contract database is now easier and more intuitive. We’ve revamped the interface to make it simpler to find what you need, exactly when you need it. Whether you’re creating a new contract or editing an existing one, our improved navigation and search capabilities will save you valuable time.
  2. Narrow down your search by solely surfacing bookmarked precedents: Finding precedents that you frequently use is now a breeze. Our updated search functionality allows you to narrow down your results by surfacing only bookmarked precedents. This means you can quickly access your most trusted and frequently used templates without sifting through irrelevant options.
  3. A streamlined flow to edit clauses from within your open contract: Not only can you edit clauses from your database using our AI capabilities, but you can also utilize clauses from your open contracts and fine-tune them within the Henchman add-in. This makes it easy to replace older versions (and create new golden standards) without any distractions whatsoever.

Why choose Henchman?
We’re not just here to provide a tool, we’re here to empower you with a solution on the market that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. A solution that enables you to focus more on delivering high-value work that amazes clients.

To start this journey towards client amazement, it all starts by capitalizing on your legal team’s expertise and uncovering specific industry trends to channel your team’s efforts on. This expertise-driven focus can lead to a more efficient way of working where the full potential of your legal team is unlocked, and where legal professionals can focus more on value-added work that meets your client’s standards.

The redesigned user interface is the culmination of our dedication to unlocking your legal team’s collective knowledge. It reinforces our position as the most adopted contract drafting and negotiation solution by making your work more efficient and hassle-free.

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