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How to future-proof your legal team

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Legal teams all around the world acknowledge the need to improve their processes, structures, workload and know-how management, while expecting such changes to be implemented in the next five years.

That might seem like an extremely short period of time. Still, if you look at the speed of modernisation over the last ten years, it has grown exponentially year by year. Five years ahead in a legal practice might look anything in between Back to the future” and The Matrix” (but in any event we’re hoping Marty McFly never ever joins the bar).Everyone who has tried to change a process within a law firm or legal department before (be it as small as changing the brand of coffee served), will know that lawyers are not, we repeat, ARE NOT keen on change. But, unfortunately for them, there is no hiding from the ever quickening trends in digital transformation.

Here’s the key question:

How can you jump on the digital transformation bandwagon and future-proof your legal team?

We have experienced first hand that legal teams often really want to come on board, but bump into so many obstacles on the way – making them lose their courage to jump. We have identified four challenges with regard to legal tech solutions that your legal department might experience, and, most importantly, how to address them!

You can find all the answers in our latest Mini Guide on how to Future-proof your legal team”, including references that might make you giggle.