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Benefits of ‘micro’ legal tech solutions

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There are many legal tech tools and platforms out there, of which the implementation can feel daunting or even paralysing. There is, however, an important difference between a tool and a platform when it comes to impact on your organisation.

If you think of the implementation of a tool vs. a platform, it shouldn’t come as a shocker that platforms are more difficult to implement. Platforms, such as cloud environments or contract management systems, require more consideration to pick the right one and the implementation process will in general be longer and more complex, as they will impact your entire organisation.

A tool, on the other hand, is a part of a larger toolbox, containing a proverbial hammer or screwdriver that will solve specific micro problems, straightforward and off-the-shelf.Picking a new tool for your toolbox should not be nearly as intimidating as choosing a new platform, and should even be an easy decision. It’s like buying new measuring tape, compared to selecting a contractor to build your house.

These tools also exist in a digital world. Grammarly for Google Chrome, for instance, is a tool you install in two clicks, and without any necessary onboarding it corrects your grammar, wherever you work. You forget it’s even there! Grammarly does not require you to work in a different manner. It complements the way you work.

Other examples you might know are Giphy for whatsapp which you use for sending gifs through Whatsapp or Adblocker for Google Chrome to prevent ads from popping up on every website you visit.

Henchman is a micro legal tech tool for Microsoft Word.

There are several benefits you get from using micro tools such as Henchman and Grammarly:

  • Micro-tools complement your workflow and platforms.
    It doesn’t matter whether you have DMS X or cloud provider Y. Niche tools are built to be complementary with your setup, whatever that may be. They are not looking to replace your current platforms. These simple micro-tools are often very easy to test via a free trial so that you can immediately see the added value for you and your team. If there is no value for you, ditch it.
  • Micro-tools do one thing REALLY well.Tools often have a vertical’ product strategy, meaning they solve one user problem really well. Platforms apply a horizontal’ strategy where they build a product package that covers all of a user’s product needs in one solution, usually without going into depth. The latter strategy rarely solves all of the users’ problems and, as mentioned earlier, is difficult to implement.
  • Micro-tools are as dedicated as you are.Development and product teams are obsessed with understanding and analysing the problem of their users. They test, test, and do not rest until the usability and effectiveness actually delights their users.

The Henchman team’s devotion to solve its users’ contract drafting challenges is close to manic. Its level of usability is aimed to meet the frictionless order of your favourite Asian dish via Deliveroo on a Sunday evening. And all of this, within your Microsoft Word environment. Zero interference with your current setup; no reason not to give it a shot. 😉