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October 2023

A Partnership for
AI-Powered Contract
Drafting and Negotiation

Morae x Henchman

Morae Global Corporation (“Morae”), the global leader in digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry, and Henchman, the fastest contract drafting and negotiation experience ever made, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize contract drafting through the power and speed of artificial intelligence (AI).

the partnership

Henchman is ideal for corporate legal departments and law firms looking to elevate the value of their existing contract databases or document management systems with the addition of an intelligent contract drafting interface” explains David Malkinson, Senior Managing Director at Morae.

Staying abreast of the latest contractual clauses, terms, and templates can be a constant struggle for large and globally dispersed legal teams. While AI-driven legal technologies present an enticing opportunity to enhance contract processes, legal professionals must ensure the continued efficacy of service delivery, including adherence to professional best practices, corporate policies, and ethical standards. Morae and Henchman are partnering to address these challenges by combining Henchman’s innovative technology with Morae’s renowned expertise in helping clients unify and align technology and processes with the way they need to work.

Morae David

Locating, packaging and delivering institutional knowledge to lawyers has to be the best use case for AI today. This partnership with Henchman is part of our overall vision for AI, enabling legal professionals to quickly leverage their collective knowledge to provide clients with more timely results and greater value.

David Malkinson
Senior Managing Director, Morae

Morae Siska

The partnership with Morae marks a significant milestone in Henchman’s journey to empower legal professionals with the most innovative and secure contract drafting technology. By combining Henchman’s advanced contract drafting capabilities with Morae’s exceptional consultative and support services, we are confident that our clients – regardless of their location – will experience a transformative shift in their transactional legal practices.

Siska Lannoo
Head of Customer Success and Partnerships, Henchman

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The partnership enables

  1. Better use of team knowledge

    Legal practitioners can tap into their team’s collective knowledge – enabling them to draft, review, and finalize contracts with unparalleled speed and accuracy.
  2. Seamless systems integration

    Legal practitioners can expect a smooth transition from their current contract database or document management system tools into Henchman’s technology platform, backed by Morae’s systems integration and data migration capabilities.
  3. Global by nature

    From product design to customer support, Henchman and Morae can help global legal teams achieve their goals through multilingual approaches and a global presence.
  4. Peace of mind for security

    Both Morae and Henchman are certified SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, offering peace of mind for a secure contracting environment and support processes.

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