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Co-hosted by Aikido Security, Amberlo & Henchman

Cybersecurity in LegalTech: Safeguarding Your Clients and Reputation

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large over every industry, and where data breaches can cost companies an average of $4.45 million, legal technology vendors face a unique challenge: ensuring their software meets the highest security standards to help safeguard their clients’ sensitive data. Learn more from 3 industry experts who have made security a cornerstone of their offerings.

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What we’ve discussed
in this session

  • The foundational cybersecurity standards every legaltech application should meet
  • The unique security challenges legaltech applications face compared to other web apps
  • How can clients effectively assess the security measures legaltech software vendors take
  • Thoughts on on-premise versus cloud solutions
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Imagine you spend tens of thousands, sometimes millions, to secure your IT infrastructure against cyberthreats only to become vulnerable because your legaltech software doesn’t meet the high standards of cybersecurity that you expect.

Holger Zschyege
Board Member at ELTA

Get to know our speakers

  1. Roeland Delrue

    Co-founder at Aikido Security
  2. Wouter Van Respaille

    Co-founder & CTO at Henchman
  3. Aidas Kavaliauskas

    Co-founder & CPO at Amberlo
  4. Michiel Denis

    Head of Growth at Henchman