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Co-hosted by Microsoft, iManage & Henchman

Microsoft Copilot: Unlocking its full legal potential

In this collaborative presentation, an impressive roster of speakers discuss how the combination of AI technologies offered by Microsoft, iManage, and Henchman helps create a sharing mindset, turning collective knowledge into a superpower.

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What we’ve discussed
in this session

  • The impact of AI on the legal technology space and its vendors
  • Microsoft’s ecosystem approach, enhanced by Copilot
  • How transformative technology helps derive insights from the vast amounts of data in legal
  • The roles Microsoft, iManage, and Henchman play in the capitalization of this data
  • Copilot integration demonstrations by iManage & Henchman

Get to know our speakers

  1. Marijke Schroos

    General Manager BeLux at Microsoft
  2. Stein Vermeulen

    Segment Lead SMEB at Microsoft
  3. Jan Van Hoecke

    Head of Data Science at iManage
  4. Jorn Vanysacker

    Co-founder at Henchman
  5. Julien Steel

    Head of Product at Henchman
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