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A Whole New World of Contract Drafting by Law Insider & Henchman

Law Insider x Henchman

About this session

Tired of spending countless hours sifting through old contracts or talking to colleagues to find relevant precedents? What if you could tap into your legal team’s collective knowledge, find your company’s precedents in a heartbeat, and increase everyone’s drafting consistency as a result?

Even better – what if you could draw inspiration from a whole new world? No, we’re not talking about Aladdin, but about our friends at Law Insider!

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how the dynamic duo Law Insider & Henchman reduce the time and effort required to find the perfect clause or definition for your contract. Accelerate your workflow and free up time for higher-value legal tasks. 

In this webinar, our experts will show you how to:

  • Get access to your team’s collective knowledge
  • Go beyond with Law Insider’s vast database, spanning across regions and practice areas (SEC’s EDGAR included)
  • Search within all clauses and definitions
  • Enrich your contracts with AI-based recommendations
  • Review any changes at a glance

Our powerful platform combines the power of your dataset with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to boost your legal team’s complex contract drafting and negotiating workflow.

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