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Online Panel Discussion - February 20th 5:00PM (CET)/ 11:00AM (ET)

Legal Tech in 2024:
The Augmented Law Firm

Webinar 2024 trends

About this session

At kitchen tables, workplaces, bars, and various media outlets around the globe AI has been a hot topic. It’s fair to say ‘the hype got real in 2023’, and we at Henchman must admit that all the buzz is quite contagious.

The central question remains clear: what problems are we trying to solve, what specific use cases might apply, and which tech is best suited to solve them?

In this webinar, we'll have 3 legal experts discuss:

  • What they see happening in the legal world regarding tech
  • What purpose legal tech should serve
  • What they believe the ideal legal tech stack in 2024 (and beyond) looks like

Curious to discover whether they bought a ticket for the hype train, or if they are suffering from AI fatigue?

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