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The Fastest Contract Drafting Experience
Ever Made

Boost your legal team’s contract drafting and negotiating workflow
with instant access to your entire knowledge base.

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Our product

Henchman in 2 minutes

We centralize all your previously written clauses and definitions, streamlining contract drafting and negotiation.
… but we’ll let our colleagues do the talking!

Our solution

Henchman fits right into
your drafting workflow

  1. 01 Search

    Surface and benchmark the precedent you need - in any language - from your entire database.
  2. 02 Enrich

    Use your own data more intelligently with our AI Clause Assistant, metadata, labels, and lists.
  3. 03 Review

    Save countless hours navigating complex contracts, making reviewing a breeze.

“I can now spend more time on client interaction and delivering an even better service.”

Anette Walaker Hansen - Arntzen De Besche

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