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The Future of Bonuses and Profits at Law Firms

9 international legal experts share their views on the distribution of bonuses & profits at law firms, and most importantly, how they believe it will evolve.

ATF The Future of Bonuses Profits at Law Firms

The conventional business model of law firms, which has remained relatively unchanged over the past three decades, is under pressure: recent surveys indicate a decline in the number of aspiring lawyers willing to join top-tier firms, highlighting the need for law firms to question their approach. Moreover, modern technology such as generative AI is also putting pressure on the type of work law firms can charge for.

Join our 9 experts in this fascinating discussion as we analyze the current situation and imagine the future.

Profits report experts

Meet our 9 international legal experts

  • Ricardo Pla Olmos – Director at the Corporate and Commercial Department of Andersen Spain
  • Olivier Lopez – Managing Partner at Squair
  • David Turney – Managing Partner at Avery Law
  • Lisa Fitzgerald – Partner at Lander & Rodgers
  • Patricia Collis – Partner at DLA Piper
  • Joseph I. Rosenbaum – Partner at Rimon P.C.
  • Philippe Jadoul – Founder Vialegis
  • Alan Ederer – Partner at Westerman BallEderer Miller Zucker & Sharfstein, LLP
  • Loes Mensink – Founder at The Legal Benchand Lawyer at INGEN HOUSZ

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